"Star Wars with Sex and Violence": Marvel Actor Describes Zack Snyder's Sci-Fi Epic Rebel Moon

The movie marks the director's second collaboration with Netflix

by Jonas Reichel on August 25, 2023

What can we possibly expect? In an interview, actor Ed Skrein described the new Zack Snyder film as "Star Wars with sex and violence." This description is definitely making us eager to learn more.

With the science fiction film "Rebel Moon", we can look forward to an absolutely passionate project from director Zack Snyder on December 22. Snyder has stated several times that he is a huge fan of George Lucas and the movies of Akira Kurosawa and would therefore like to direct his own saga in the style of his idols. That's why he first proposed his idea to Disney. When Disney rejected his concept, however, Netflix snatched it.

Now actor Ed Skrein - who will portray Admiral Noble in "Rebel Moon" - commented on the project in an interview with Screen Rant, describing it as follows:

"When people say, 'Oh, what are you working on?' I say, 'It's like Star Wars, but with violence, sex and swearing.'"

The actor feels it's a special privilege to be part of a new world and added:

"It's the kind of movie that I would be so excited by."

He described his role of the villain Admiral Noble as an absolute dream part:

"It's a dream role for me and for anyone. And yeah, it has been an amazing experience bringing him to life."

The first trailer for the movie already promises an epic adventure, which in terms of costumes, action, characters and worlds is strongly reminiscent of its inspiring example from a galaxy far, far away, and could be a very unique experience with the Znyder aesthetics.

The first part "Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire" will be available on Netflix on December 22. The second part "Rebel Moon: The Scargiver" will follow on April 19, 2024.