The Participants of the Reality TV Series "Squid Game: The Challenge" Want to Sue Netflix

The series has been available on Netflix since November 22

by Jonas Reichel on November 28, 2023

All for entertainment? That's the impression you might get from the reality spin-off "Squid Game: The Challenge", in which 456 players compete against each other for a prize money of 4.56 million dollars. The first accusations have now emerged that Netflix has put the contestants' health at risk.

The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that two participants are seeking compensation from Netflix as they suffered injuries during filming due to poor standards. More specifically, it's about nerve damage and hypothermia. In a statement from the contestants, they say:

"From what we've been told, they pushed the boundaries of safety in the name of entertainment. Production companies need to ensure that health and safety standards on their shows don't leave people at risk of harm."

The filming of "Squid Game: The Challenge" was already the subject of criticism: Rolling Stone spoke of "inhumane conditions" and The Sun also reported that the production of the game "Red Light, Green Light" was a freezing nightmare, during which one participant had to be carried out by emergency services.

Additional investigations are currently ongoing and it will therefore be interesting to see whether the candidates are successful with their lawsuit.