Finally a release date for "The Batman" was announced!

Who is suitable for the leading role?

by Robin Klaiber on January 30, 2019

the wait has finally come to an end, on Wednesday Warner Bros announced the release date of The Batman for June 2021. An innovation will also cause some surprises, because as we already suspected in one of our earlier kinocheck news episodes, Ben Affleck will no longer be seen as Batman in front of the camera. According to director Matt Reeves, the main reason was that they were looking for a younger leading actor. This also fits in with a statement he made in a recent interview with THR. Reeves had planned something the fans had never seen before. The storyline is supposed to revolve around Batman's exciting, but also emotional life story. Another novelty will be that the action-packed parts, we have seen in the past movies will be abandoned in order to concentrate on Batman's detective skills, which have not yet been really focused on in the films. The question which villain Batman has to deal with is not really answered in detail. The only thing we know yet is that, he is going to have to deal with more than just one opponent. Even though the release in the summer of 2021 is still a long way off, in the end we can expect a Batman movie that has been worked out down to the last detail.

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