First Teaser Images of Liam Hemsworth as the New Witcher Revealed

The series will focus more on Ciri

by Jonas Reichel on May 22, 2024

So there he is, the new white wolf! After Henry Cavill, Liam Hemsworth now takes on the role of the iconic character Geralt of Rivia - and we finally have a first look at the new witcher!

In the Netflix teaser and an official photo from Entertainment Weekly, we see the new star in the role for the first time. The similarities to Henry Cavill, an absolute fan favorite who many consider irreplaceable, are especially striking. Cavill is regarded as a huge fan and expert on the original, but announced his departure from the series in 2022. There was much speculation that he could no longer identify with the direction the series was taking.

In terms of story, the remaining seasons of "The Witcher" will be based on the novels "Baptism of Fire", "The Tower of the Swallow" and "The Lady of the Lake". As in season 3, the focus will be more on the character Ciri, played by Freya Allan. According to producer Tomek Baginski, the overall story is not Geralt's, not Yennefer's, but Ciri's. A release date for "The Witcher" season 4 is not known yet, but it is currently expected to be released in summer 2025 at the earliest.

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