Quentin Tarantino Wants Bruce Willis for His Final Film The Movie Critic

The actor was already part of the cast of Pulp Fiction

by Jonas Reichel on August 2, 2023

A possible sensation: Bruce Willis could return in front of the cameras one last time for the new Quentin Tarantino film "The Movie Critic". This rumor is based on a personal request of the director, who already has very concrete plans for the actor's role in mind.

The fate of Bruce Willis is on the minds of countless fans and colleagues: The actor, who suffers from dementia, only let it be known in 2022 that he would end his acting career. A speech disorder diagnosed in the course of the disease affected Willis' last working years, which is why he was mainly seen in smaller roles only.

According to the Daily Express, his good friend and master director Quentin Tarantino has now expressed his wish to cast the actor in his final feature "The Movie Critic". This could happen, for example, as part of a cameo appearance. An alternate option would also be to use a shorter clip of Willis from his older films, in case the star couldn't make it due to health reasons after all. Tarantino says he wants to pay tribute to Willis by giving his fans one last glimpse of him on the big screen - precisely where an iconic actor should be. However, he would also take into account any objections and wishes made by Willis' family.

The tenth and last movie by Quentin Tarantino, "The Movie Critic", could be released in cinemas next year, with filming scheduled to start this September. It tells the story of a man in the 1970s who writes movie reviews for porn magazines. Apart from the rumors concerning Bruce Willis, nothing is known about the cast so far.

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