Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Can Johnny Depp save the film series?

After the mediocre success of his predecessor, Craig Mazin must save the franchise

by Pierre Lorenz on October 31, 2019

After the flop of Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Salazar's Revenge, one of Hollywood's most popular writers is now supposed to save the movie. Flop may not be the right word, though, because the fifth part earned 750 million US dollars at the box office. But the production of part 6 hasn't really progressed since the release of the last part. One factor is certainly the tremendously elaborate production of action scenes on the open sea. Moreover, Johnny Depp is not as popular as he was a few years ago. But the rescue of the film series is already in sight, and Craig Mazin is supposed to save the series from failure. With movies like Scary Movie 3, identity thief and The Huntsman and The Ice Queen he doesn't have the most promising filmography to show, but as the author of the series Chernobyl, twice crowned with the Emmy award, he released one of the best series of the year.

When Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will be seen on screen is not clear yet.

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