Hypno-Hustler: Donald Glover to Play Role of Villain

The actor already dubbed Miles Morales in "Ultimate Spider-Man"

by Pierre Lorenz on December 21, 2022

It's not just the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is constantly growing and can fall back on an ever-larger catalog of movies and series. The Sony Spider-Man Universe is also striving to further develop various projects. As The Hollywood Reporter informed this week, next to "El Muerto" and "Madame Web", another spin-off of "Spider-Man" is in the pipeline. It is about "Hypno-Hustler", who as his name suggests is a fairly weird character.

The villain's real name is Antoine Delsoin and he is the frontman of the band Mercy Killers, whose instruments are equipped with the ability of hypnosis. With this, he can put his audience in a trance and then rob them. At this point, it's probably not surprising to anyone that Sony hasn't focused on the bizarre character so far, and that's why he hasn't been featured in movies and series - until now, at least.

In fact, there is already a well-known actor who will take on the role in the spin-off, namely Donald Glover. The 39-year-old multi-talented actor is also a five-time Grammy Award winner under his stage name Childish Gambino. So we can easily imagine him in the role of the crazy Hypno-Hustler. Nothing is known about the plot of the spin-off yet, but we are eager to see how the setting will be realized. After all, Hypno-Hustler made its debut at the end of the seventies and thus in the middle of the worldwide disco era. Due to the involvement of Donald Glover, however, a more modern hip-hop setting is just as feasible. Either way, we are very excited about it! A release date has not been set yet.

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