First scene picture for "ES 2" published

Will there be a reunion with the young stars of the first part?

by Pierre Lorenz on April 25, 2019

A few days ago the first official scenery from the upcoming IT 2 was published. However,

against all expectations there are no creepy horror pictures to be seen, but James McAvoy in

the role of Bill Denbrough.

The plot of IT 2 follows 27 years after the first part and will be rich in shock moments again,

since the Losers club reunites to expel the evil clown Pennywise from their hometown Derry.

The young actors of the first part have now logically been replaced by their adult

counterpart, although there is also supposed to be a little reunion with the young stars of

the first part.

In any case, a first trailer should be expected soon, as the release date on September 6, 2019

is only four months away.

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