Thanksgiving is Getting a Sequel

Eli Roth will also direct part 2

by Jonas Reichel on December 4, 2023

John Carver returns: director Eli Roth's slasher "Thanksgiving" was a surprise success that won over both critics and fans. Now a sequel is to follow.

With a budget of 15 million dollars, "Thanksgiving" was able to bring in over 36 million dollars and can therefore be considered a hit for Sony Pictures. It should therefore hardly come as a surprise that the potential of the material is now to be further utilized in the form of a sequel. Roth announced on his Instagram account that "Thanksgiving 2" will be released in 2025. He also announced that he would be writing the sequel again with his childhood friend Jeff Rendell, with whom he already directed the "Thanksgiving" fake trailer for the "Grindhouse" project by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.

Nothing is currently known about the cast, but we can assume that we will see some of the characters from part 1 again.