After "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood"

Tarantino reveals his plans for the future

by Pierre Lorenz on November 12, 2019

Only a few months have passed since Quentin Tarantino's last film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was shown in the cinemas. For some time now, fans have been speculating about his future and which film he's going to do next, since the star director doesn't think about a break, as he explains in an interview with Variety. There he lists that after writing the script for Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, he finished a play and a five episode series. He is also writing a book that is expected to be finished in three months. The book is about a war veteran who discovers a love for film-making. However, there is probably no connection to the play.

Tarantino could also imagine realising the aforementioned series called Bounty Law, which is also the subject of some parts of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, together with a streaming provider like Netflix.

But the big question remains: What about Tarantino's tenth and last film? On this point - who would have thought it - Tarantino remains still silent.

He announced to Variety that he would not start working on his last film until he had completed his series project. Speculations regarding his last film range from Star Trek and Kill Bill 3 to a Tarantino horror film. Also under discussion is the possibility of converting his book about the veteran into a screenplay. But we probably won't find out what this will really turn into before the middle/end of next year.

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