Surprise For New Twilight Series

Many were expecting a different style

by Tom Hartig on March 7, 2024

The Twilight phenomenon is set to return: the franchise already made headlines last year when Lionsgate announced a new project. Now, more details have been revealed.

Since April, it has been known that the project based on Stephenie Meyer's stories would be a series. Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns has now revealed at a conference that it will not be a live-action series, but an animated one - something that was clear from the get-go, it seems.

However, the series' story is still unknown. We do not know whether it will be a reboot of the well-known story from the books and the film series, or whether an independent story will be told in the same universe. The "Twilight" series will be written by Sinead Daly, who has already worked on "The Walking Dead: World Beyond". There is no information available yet regarding the cast or who the showrunner will be, but author Stephenie Meyer is said to be involved in the project.

The movies have grossed more than 3.4 billion dollars worldwide. A platform for the new series has not been decided yet. The studio first wants to develop the "Twilight" series further before looking into where, when and how it should be released.

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