Hercules remake in progress: The "Avengers: Endgame" directors also on board

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by Pierre Lorenz on May 8, 2020

Once again Disney strikes. This week it was announced that the megacorporation is working on another live-action film version. This time it's the turn of a true classic from Disney, called " Hercules". However, the new film will not be released on Disney+ for the time being, as Disney will take the step into the cinema with "Hercules". A few days ago, when the rumour spread on The DisInsider, among others, that Disney was going to produce a film version of Hercules, the whole thing didn't get much attention. But the official announcement followed promptly, and so Disney not only announced the film, but also two involved and not entirely unknown producers. We are talking about none other than the Russo brothers, whose flagship project "Avengers: Endgame" not only became the most successful film of all time, but also tremendously boosted demand for the two directors and producers. But who is supposed to be the director for this project is still open. The team of the "Hercules" remake not only gets the two successful producers on board, but also provides additional Marvel power on the script side, because it seems that "Shang-Chi" screenwriter Dave Callaham will write the new script for "Hercules". Callaham is currently a much requested writer in Hollywood, he is involved in "Wonder Woman 1984" and "Spider-Man: A New Universe 2". Unfortunately, Disney did not have further information about the "Hercules" real life film adaptation, The same goes for the cast, even though the first favorites from the fan community are already emerging. For example, many fans wish for Ariana Grande as Megara. This wish doesn't come by chance, because the extremely successful pop singer recently sang the "Hercules" song "I Won't Say I'm In Love" in a Disney Singalong Special. Is it all just a coincidence or is there perhaps something behind it? We will certainly hear more in the near future.

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