Edge of Tomorrow 2: Now Emily Blunt Speaks Out About the Sequel

The actress was already a part of the first installment

by Jonas Reichel on August 7, 2023

There is hope: The science fiction film "Edge of Tomorrow" starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt enjoyed great popularity. A possible sequel was long under discussion, but there was never any concrete information. Now Emily Blunt has spoken out for the first time about the rumors of a sequel.

It's been almost 10 years since fans of the science fiction genre had their fun with "Edge of Tomorrow". The film fell back on the popular "Groundhog Day" concept and put it into the guise of a rousing action thriller. Given the positive response from fans and critics, they did consider a sequel, which, however, came to nothing in the following years.

Now, though, there seems to be some activity regarding the project "Edge of Tomorrow 2". Lead actress Emily Blunt revealed on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that she has actually read the script:

"There was one that Doug [Liman] slithered over to me and like… I would love to make it a reality, but I just don't know when or how."

It would also depend on how many more "Mission Impossible" movies her co-star Tom Cruise wanted to make. She was convinced that the world would also like to see more of Tom Cruise in "Edge of Tomorrow". It would certainly not fail because of her: "I'm so ready", the British actress assured.

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