Fast and Furious 9: The latest part will play in space

Ludacris and Michelle Rodriguez provide clues to the action spectacle

by Pierre Lorenz on September 11, 2020

The franchise started as an action movie with racing and tuning elements, now Vin Diesel and Co. will go into space. At least, this is the conclusion of a recent statement by leading actress Michelle Rodriguez, which adds to and concretizes the cryptic hints of Ludacris. Already last July, the US rapper, who has been part of the team since "2 Fast 2 Furious", had indicated that the series could soon be on its way up. After much speculation about the seriousness of Ludacris' statements about the future of the franchise, Rodriguez is now apparently confirming his statement. In an interview with Sirius XM, she indirectly mentioned that "Fast and Furious 9" will go into outer space. A sophisticated marketing gag or is there more to it than that? At least in terms of content, it would fit the increasingly absurd franchise, because the rules of physics are usually only sporadically observed in the films. Actually, the film should have been released in May 2020, but was then postponed to April 1, 2021 due to the current situation. In the trailer which has been released in the beginning of the year, among other things a rocket car can be seen, so the idea with space doesn't seem too far-fetched and it could also simply be a tactic not to show the biggest highlight of the film in the trailer. By the way, the story of the ninth part revolves around family problems of Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel. He not only has to take care of his sister, his wife and his friends, but also has to face his brother Jakob who has been missing for a long time. He is supported by the cyber-terrorist Cipher, played by Charlize Theron. What do you think: is there any truth in the rumors or are the "Fast and Furious" stars trying to lead us on the wrong track? Write it down in the comments!

Image of Ant-Man 3 Villain Casted, Fast And Furious 9 in Space?