Big change in the upcoming "Lion King"

Fans of the animated film unfortunately have to be prepared to lose the following feature

by Pierre Lorenz on July 18, 2019

The new the lion king remake takes a different approach than its predecessor. In an

interview with Fandango, director Jon Favreau, who was also responsible for the design of

the animals for the animated The Jungle Book, announces that the lifelike animals in the lion

king remake no longer have human facial expressions since they want to pursue a

completely naturalistic approach.

In the interview, he explains that the characters look too much like human beings if you push

their facial features too far. Instead, they want to illustrate the emotions of the animals

entirely through body language. He himself calls it one of the

greatest challenge is to convey the charm and humanity of the 1994 original in the same


You can find out whether the new part is as good as the original since the cinema launch on

9 July 2019.

Image of Thor 4, The Lion King, The Witcher