The Raid: Netflix Grabs the Action-Packed Remake

Michael Bay will be involved as producer

by Pierre Lorenz on January 11, 2022

So far, there are two movies in the Indonesian action series "The Raid". The last one was released in 2014, again directed by Gareth Evans. Fans have been waiting for the announced remake for quite some time now, and as Deadline reports, it is gradually moving forward. Streaming giant Netflix recently acquired the rights to "The Raid" and announced a few new additions in the process. Evans is no longer in talks as director after the two original parts, instead "The Expendables 3" director Patrick Hughes is now to direct the remake and simultaneously write the script with James Beaufort. Behind the scenes, action legend Michael Bay is also involved as a producer, which is quite fitting for a film like "The Raid". He is joined by aforementioned Gareth Evans, who will also be keeping an eye on the production. The original is set in Indonesia, where a police officer has to brutally make his way through a high rise full of criminals. While the storyline was rather subtle, it featured brilliantly choreographed martial arts scenes and very bloody confrontations. The planned remake is supposed to keep the spirit of the original, but the location of the action will be moved to Philadelphia in the USA, where undercover agents of the DEA have to fight their way through a house full of members of a drug cartel. We are definitely excited and looking forward to "The Raid" remake, although it is not yet known when the film will be released on Netflix. 

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