Rebel Moon: New Images Show Star Wars Similarity

Originally, Zack Synder was to produce a spin-off for the movie series

by Pierre Lorenz on July 3, 2023

Zack Snyder meets Star Wars: Initially, his next movie "Rebel Moon" was planned to be part of the world-famous franchise. Now Snyder has revealed in recent interviews why nothing came of it. But new images clearly show that Snyder is now simply working on his own Star Wars version.

Snyder proposed the project to Lucasfilm shortly after the Disney acquisition. The "Justice League" director had exact ideas: He insisted on not using characters from the existing Star Wars canon and wanted to create a movie that was not rated PG. These conditions ultimately led Lucasfilm to reject the project. Disney obviously placed too much emphasis on the recognizability of Star Wars and a young audience.

"Rebel Moon" is roughly based on the film "Seven Samurai" by Akira Kurosawa. This is no coincidence, since George Lucas was also inspired by the Japanese star director for his own film series. The story of "Rebel Moon" is about a young woman who is looking for capable warriors to defend her home against an invasion. The story is to become part of a larger universe, the background of which has already been written down in a 450-page film bible. This is to serve as the foundation for further movies and series. It contains, for example, guidelines for the rough plot and ideas for further projects, but also visual concepts and character backgrounds.

As part of Snyder's interview with Empire, new images of the movie were also published. They show, for example, a woman wielding two blades of red light, which is again strongly reminiscent of Star Wars. Also shown is a mysterious robot voiced by Anthony Hopkins and a well-toned character that could easily be one of the recruited warriors.

"Rebel Moon" hits Netflix on December 22. A special aspect here is the fact that two cut versions will be released at the same time: one for minors and one aimed at adults. Despite the "Star Wars" similarity, Snyder has now created a stand-alone film that will surely appeal to both Star Wars fans and sci-fi lovers. We are looking forward to more news.