Donnie Yen Succeeds David Carradine in the "Kung Fu" Remake

The original series from the 70s is considered a cult hit today

by Jonas Reichel on February 1, 2024

Action fans listen up: A feature film adaptation of the cult series "Kung Fu" is coming - with none other than Donnie Yen in the lead! The popular martial arts actor is known from movies such as "Ip Man" and "John Wick: Chapter 4" and will be taking on the lead role in the project, according to Deadline.

The original TV series, which was released in 1972, tells the story of a Shaolin monk who wanders through the Wild West in search of his brother and has all kinds of adventures. Originally, the role of Caine was to go to the legendary Bruce Lee, who also came up with the idea for the series - but it was ultimately given to David Carradine.

The "Kung Fu" franchise has returned time and time again over the years, for example as the police drama "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" in the 90s. The current feature film adaptation will be directed by "Bullet Train" director David Leitch. Stephen Chin penned the screenplay.

While fans are eagerly awaiting further details about the remake, initial information indicates that the reinterpretation will be a genuine tribute to the old series. It remains to be seen how the combination of the old story with a contemporary staging will turn out. With Donnie Yen in the leading role, there will surely be a lot to look forward to, at least in terms of martial arts.

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