Adaptation of Netflix' "Tiger King": probably the best cast for Joe Exotic

This iconic actor will embody the eccentric big game owner

by Pierre Lorenz on May 6, 2020

The Netflix documentary "Tiger King" has long become a cult. After a worldwide hype around the documentary about the eccentric wildlife collector Joe Exotic in the USA, it's actually no wonder that something

additional had to come. As Variety reports, a fictional series is in the works and a suitable actor for Joe Exotic has also been found. It's probably the best cast that could have been found for Joe Exotic in Hollywood, and that is actually Nicholas Cage, he is supposed to slip into the role of the big cat owner. According to Variety, Cage has already given his consent for the leading role and is also supposed to play a major role in its production. Dan Lagana will be the show runner for the series, while US channel CBS will also be involved as a producer in the background. The story will be based on the article "Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild", which was published last year in the "Texas Monthly" and will initially comprise eight episodes.

When the series will be released is unfortunately not yet known.

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