John Wick Director Comments on Highlander Movie Starring Henry Cavill

Plans for a reboot have been around since 2016

by Jonas Reichel on August 30, 2023

From the Witcher to the Highlander: After Christopher Lambert, Henry Cavill is now to take on the role of the immortal swordsman. "John Wick" director Chad Stahelski gave an interview about the current status of the project.

Plans for a reboot of the 1986 fantasy classic "Highlander" have been in the pipeline since 2016. The movie is about a group of chosen immortals who fight each other over the course of centuries until there is only one remaining. The immortals' motto: "There can be only one."

Since the announcement of the reboot, the project has been joined by some great names: Director Stahelski is considered an absolute connoisseur of the action genre - and the "John Wick" movies speak for themselves. Then, two years ago, it was revealed that Henry Cavill had been cast in the role of the Highlander.

In the HappySadConfused podcast, Stahelski now gave an update on the project and reported why a return of the Highlander is currently taking such a long time:

"I'll say it for you first what we're looking to do: our story engages a lot of the same characters, but we have also brought in elements of all the TV shows, and we're trying to do a bit of a prequel, a setup, to the Gathering."

They want to take as much time as possible to do justice to the complex story. It won't be a simple remake of the original, but rather the starting point for further movies from the universe.

Currently, everything is still in the planning phase and therefore it is hard to tell when the adventure will be shown on the big screen. What is certain, however, is that with Stahelski and Cavill, very talented people are in charge of the project.

Image of Highlander Remake with Henry Cavill, Dune 3: Messiah, The Lord of the Rings Anime