Steven Yeun Leaves Marvel's "Thunderbolts"

The actor was supposed to take on the role of Sentry

by Jonas Reichel on January 4, 2024

The new year is off to another bad start for Marvel. It has now been announced that "The Walking Dead" star Steven Yeun is leaving the production of "Thunderbolts".

The movie, directed by Jake Schreier, already had to deal with some difficulties last year. Due to the former writers' and actors' strike, there were several delays. The movie was originally due to be released in theaters this winter - now it is set to premiere on July 25, 2025.

However, things are not going particularly well apart from that either, as The Hollywood Reporter announced that "The Walking Dead" star Steven Yeun is quitting the production of the action-packed movie. The actor explained that the reason for this was scheduling conflicts with other productions. Yeun was actually supposed to take on the role of Robert Reynolds, aka Sentry, who received his superhuman abilities through a Super Soldier Serum. He is considered one of the most profound characters in the entire Marvel universe and has already taken on characters such as Hulk, Carnage and Thor. In an interview with Variety, Yeun lamented his departure from the project. At the same time, he emphasized that he had always wanted to make a Marvel film. Of course, this could mean that we might get to see him in another MCU project after all.

It remains to be seen whether the role of Sentry will be played by another actor or whether it will be dropped from "Thunderbolts" altogether. We will probably only get a final answer to this question once the movie is released in theaters.

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