New "Hulk Hogan" movie: Chris Hemsworth gains more muscles than he did for "Thor"

The 36-year-old has never been in such good shape before

by Pierre Lorenz on July 9, 2020

Actor Chris Hemsworth is used to preparing himself physically extremely well for his roles, and not only in the "Avengers" movies. In an interview with Total Film magazine, the actor explained that he has to prepare himself especially well for the role of Hulk Hogan in the upcoming movie and that he will gain more muscle mass than in his role as Thor. But that's not all, because as he reveals himself, Hemsworth will also be seen with blond dyed hair, with a moustache and beginnings of hair loss.

The Hulk Hogan Biopic is commissioned by Netflix and can draw on the backstage experience of "Joker" director Todd Phillips and "Joker" screenwriter Scott Silver. The content is not about the beginning, but about the heyday of Hogan's life. It focuses on the 80s, in which he became one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

When the Netflix film can be expected is not yet certain.

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