Scream 7: The Next Sequel with Ghostface Has Been Announced

Filming is to take place this year

by Tom Hartig on March 16, 2023

"Scream 6" is currently running in theaters and was the most successful release ever for Wes Craven's famous horror franchise: The movie grossed an impressive 44 million U.S. dollars on its opening weekend. After the success of "Scream 5" in 2022 led to a prompt sequel, history is now repeating itself: As the website screengeek revealed, "Scream 7" is already being worked on at full speed.

Many were amazed when the new Scream movie starring "Wednesday" star Jenna Ortega hit theaters just one year after Part 5. But horror flicks are known for being profitable even with moderate box-office takings, since they can be produced comparatively fast and at low cost. "Scream 6" is no exception: the budget of $35 million has already been recouped after the opening weekend. Shooting for "Scream 7" is therefore scheduled to begin as early as 2023 - so we expect a theatrical release next year. Should the success continue, we might actually be able to look forward to a new "Scream" film every year in the future.

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