Snow White: Peter Dinklage Criticizes Live-Action Adaptation

The company experiences a veritable shitstorm for the film's casting

by Pierre Lorenz on January 26, 2022

When "Game of Thrones" star Peter Dinklage was a guest on comedian Marc Maron's WTF podcast a few days ago, no one would have thought that his statement on the upcoming "Snow White" film adaptation would make such massive waves. In a downright rant, Dinklage accused Disney of double standards with regard to the casting of the remake. On the one hand, they cast the Latin American actress Rachel Zegler as the protagonist, but on the other hand they still intend to tell the story of the seven dwarves who live in a cave. Even though the seven dwarves in the Grimm fairy tale do not live in a cave, but in an ordinary house, the 1.35m tall Dinklage fears a hurtful, stereotypical portrayal of small people. If anything, he said, they should go "all in" and revamp the entire story. Disney, in turn, reacted in a flash with a statement assuring that the stereotypes of the old animated film would no longer be used and that a different approach would be chosen. Internally, there is reportedly talk of "magical creatures" instead of seven dwarves, as The Wrap reported. The politically correct remake will then hardly have anything in common with the classic from 1937, after all Snow White's "love interest", as it is officially called, is no longer a prince or huntsman, but a Robin Hood-like figure who steals from the rich and provides for his poor friends. So what are your thoughts? Can Disney's "Snow White" remake win you over with its approach of not offending anyone? Or would you rather like to see a classic movie adaptation based on the 1937 model? Feel free to discuss with us in the comments!

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