Leak: A24 and Hideo Kojima Are Working on a "Death Stranding" Film Adaptation

The announcement was made via a T-shirt

by Tom Hartig on December 14, 2023

Video game legend Hideo Kojima and film studio A24 are teaming up to produce a movie version of "Death Stranding". The 2019 game impressed with its numerous Hollywood stars and a very unique vibe.

The collaboration was revealed via a leak: namely in the online shop description of an A24 T-shirt in the "Death Stranding" look. The studio is known for its rather unconventional movies and is certainly a suitable choice for Kojima, who in turn has a reputation as a video game designer with artistic aspirations.

Last year, the game designer spoke to IGN about negotiations for the "Death Stranding" movie. It was very important to him that it wouldn't be a huge blockbuster with big stars and explosions, but rather something along the lines of arthouse.

Many roles in the game were played by well-known actors, including Norman Reedus in the lead role, Mads Mikkelsen and Léa Seydoux. Even legendary director Guillermo del Toro made an appearance. According to Kojima, however, it has not been decided yet whether any characters from the game will appear in the "Death Stranding" movie. The project is set to take a new direction that no game adaptation has ever tried before. We are excited to discover the meaning behind these words.