The Boys Season 3: Jensen Ackles Posts New Pic as Soldier Boy

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old's beard seems to grow continuously

by Pierre Lorenz on June 9, 2021

"Supernatural" star Jensen Ackles posted a very bearded picture of himself a few weeks ago, giving fans a first glimpse of his new role as Soldier Boy. As we reported back then, his appearance differs significantly from the comic book original, where Soldier Boy's exterior is definitely not characterized by a big beard. Besides, in the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, there are two Soldier Boys: one from World War II and one from the present. In Season 3, both are supposed to be brought together and become one by actor Jensen Ackles, which is a possible reason for the new look of the superhero. Anyway, the focus of the new season is on the US American history of the superheroes, which were rather neglected in the previous two seasons. In two fancy new images, we see Soldier Boy in a military green outfit and his striking shield, which shows certain parallels to Captain America, and not without reason. Their history is not dissimilar either, with Soldier Boy being the very first superhero of "The Boys" universe, fighting for his country back in World War II and finding appeal in US pop culture. 

While it has not been officially confirmed yet, we assume that Ackles' character will be appearing in the present of "The Boys" and not in the past. One sign of this is the visual discrepancy between the officially released outfit photos and his Instagram channel, where he likes to present himself with a full beard and weights in preparation for his role. While the former might show the Soldier Boy from World War II, Ackles' bearded look will most likely show the Soldier Boy of the present day. We're definitely looking forward to "The Boys" Season 3, which may be released exclusively on Amazon Prime Video as early as mid-2022. 

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