Why is there no GTA film until today?

This is what the Take Two CEO says in an interview with TheWrap

by Pierre Lorenz on November 28, 2019

With Saints Row and Uncharted, two well-known video game adaptations are about to be released. While some are looking forward to seeing their favourite game in the cinema soon, others believe that bringing successful video games to screen is not a good idea at all. Likewise, Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, recently explained in an interview with TheWrap why there is still no GTA film. According to him, it is not a problem to finance such a project, but rather the fact that the people in charge at Take Two simply lack the expertise to produce a feature film or a TV series. So it would be indispensable to hire new people who are familiar with this field, which for Zelnick means that you have to let someone else do the work and thus hand over the GTA brand to someone else. So anyone who was hoping for a GTA film in the foreseeable future will be disappointed. One small consolation, however, is another project that will be released next year in March, namely the documentary THE BILLION DOLLAR GAME, in which director Robert Ryan wants to tell the success story of the GTA brand. In the leading role Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will be seen as rock star founder Dan Houser. THE BILLION DOLLAR GAME will be released in the USA on 01 March 2020.

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