What we know so far: "Fast And Furious 9"

Is the new film set in space?

by Pierre Lorenz on November 7, 2020

One of the largest and most extensive film franchises of our time is without question "Fast And Furious". Many people appreciate the series for its simple, yet well done action sequences. In "Fast And Furious 9", a lot of the action revolves around the family of the main character Dominic Toretto, because suddenly Dom's brother Jakob appears and wants to settle an old score. But it will not be overly peaceful, since Jakob has the cyber-terrorist Cipher on his side. On Dom's side, a friend of his who was believed to be dead, returns. Namely Han, who just got away with his life after an attack.

Many fans are also eagerly awaiting the locations of the action adventure, because as Michelle Rodriguez confirmed in an interview with Sirius XM last September, the ninth part will partly take place in space. In the trailers there is no sign of this yet, but we don't think it's unlikely, since the rules of physics don't play a big role for the protagonists anymore, at least since part 6.

By the way, the saga will come to an end after a spectacular double finale of parts 10 and 11, excluding of course spin-offs like "Hobbs And Shaw". By the way, "Fast And Furious 9" is scheduled to be released on May 28, 2021.

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