Sony: Ten movies and series based on video games planned

These already include "Uncharted" with Tom Holland and a "The Last Of Us" series

by Pierre Lorenz on December 24, 2020

PlayStation fans heads up: As Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra announced in an interview, ten Sony projects based on popular video games are currently in production. To be more precise, there are supposed to be three movies and seven series, of which only the movie for "Uncharted" and the series for "The Last Of Us" have been named so far. Unfortunately, Vinciquerra has not yet revealed what the other projects are. Of course, this leaves even more room for speculation, since many brands like "God Of War", "Ghost Of Tsushima", "Horizon Zero Dawn" and the ever-popular Sackboy offer enough material for a series or a movie. Which game would you like to see adapted into a film? Just let us know in the comments!

Image of Ready Player Two, Sonic 2: The Hedgehog, KinoCheck Website