Successful Series "Dexter" Gets a Prequel

The character's younger years are to be explored

by Jonas Reichel on June 27, 2024

After the successful series "Dexter" and the sequel "New Blood", fans of the likeable serial killer can now look forward to another spin-off in the form of a prequel. This is set 15 years before the start of the original series and features a remarkable cast.

Patrick Gibson – known for the Netflix series "Shadow and Bone" – takes on the role of young Dexter Morgan. His father Harry is played by Christian Slater. We also get to see "Grey's Anatomy" star Patrick Dempsey as Aaron Spencer, Molly Brown as Dexter's sister Debra Morgan, James Martinez as Angel Batista, Christina Milian as Maria LaGuerta, Alex Shimizu as Vince Masuka and Reno Wilson as Bobby Watt. According to Variety, "Buffy" icon Sarah Michelle Gellar is also joining the cast of "Dexter: Original Sin". She will play Dexter's boss Tanya Martin.

"Dexter: Original Sin" is set in Miami in 1991 and focuses on Dexter's transition from student to notorious serial killer. In particular, Dexter's struggle with his bloodthirsty urges and his efforts to bring them under control will be the focus of the plot. The prequel will once again be produced by Clyde Phillips, who also worked on "Dexter". It will be directed by Michael Lehmann. It is not yet known when and where the series will be released.