"Fall" Becomes a Franchise

The thriller had a budget of 3 million dollars and grossed 20 million at the box office

by Jonas Reichel on November 3, 2023

Another warning for people with a fear of heights: after last year's survival thriller "Fall" won over fans of the genre and achieved considerable box office takings, it is now set to become a franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that film producer Capstone has given the green light for two more "Fall" films, for which Scott Mann - director of part 1 - is to return. Mann will direct "Fall 3" and co-write both sequels. Producers Mark Lane and James Harris of Tea Shop Productions, Christian Mercuri of Capstone as well as David Haring and Scott Mann will be responsible for the new films. Capstone will be financing the films.

Shooting on "Fall 2," for which the original characters from Part 1 are to return, is scheduled to begin as early as next year. Producer Mercuri has already announced that they want to make another hair-raising and death-defying film - in the style of its predecessor.