Predator: Announcing The Title Of The New Movie

In the fifth part, they intend to return to the franchise's origins

by Pierre Lorenz on July 29, 2021

After "The Predator" from 2018 received rather mixed reviews, "10 Cloverfield Lane" director Dan Trachtenberg is supposed to get the film series back on track by making a fifth part. Now according to the website Collider, the official title of the movie is finally known to be "Predator: Skull". This isn't really a surprise, since the previous working title was quite similar, namely "Skulls". Regarding the making of the film, producer John Davis recently said that "Predator: Skull" will partially be based on the first part from 1987. Colleague John Fox goes a bit further into detail and promises a greater resemblance to "The Revenant" as opposed to spin-offs from the franchise. If you end up watching the film, you will probably understand what he means by that. Also known is the approximate timeline of the plot. What is clear is that "Predator: Skull" is set in the past. Other rumors say that the story should even play before the colonization of the American continent by the Europeans. This really sounds like an interesting approach. We are glad that the movie is nearly done shooting anyway and look forward to the release date, which will probably be next year.

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