Jason Blum secures rights to a horror classic

That's what the horror producer wants to do with "The Witch Club"

by Robin Klaiber on March 27, 2019

After a successful "Halloween" reboot, horror producer Jason Blum will now take on the next horror classic, Andrew Flemings "The Craft". Blum simply keeps an eye on how to reboot decades-old horror movies for little money to make groundbreaking box-office profits. Take "Halloween", for example, which had production costs of just $10 million US-Dollars and brought in $253 million US-Dollars worldwide. And like this it is supposed to happen with "The Craft" in best case. Originally planned was a sequel to the 1996 original film, in which a new group of women practises dark magic. It is unclear whether Blum, who has recently secured the rights of the movie, will also go along the path of the sequel or rather the path of the reboot. In "Halloween" it was also a sequel which worked really well. So what is the craft all about? In a nutshell, it's about a group of four young girls who realize that they can use dark magic to influence things in their favor. However, as it is so often the case, playing around with dark magic isn't without consequences at all ... It's not yet known when "The Craft" will be released, yet we can hope that Blumhouse will soon realize the project.

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