Disappointing start: "Shazam" cannot convince at the box office

The worst start of all DC movies is about to happen

by Robin Klaiber on April 4, 2019

It seems that there currently are two genres that always win at the box office: superhero movies and horror films. Currently, Shazam is expected to make between 45 and 50 Million Us Dollars on its debut. Shazam is about teenager Billy Baston, who can transform in a superhero when he says the magic word. The film is said to be funny as he doesn't take himself too seriously. Varietys Owen Gleiberman said: "You've got to giggle at this stuff. That's part of the adventure." If Shazam will be as succesfull as expected, it will be the third success story in a row for DC entertainment, as the studio attempts to fashion an alternative to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One advantage of Shazam is, that it doesn't has to pull the same kind of ticket sales like Aquaman or Wonderwoman, which were twice as expensive to produce. Warner Bros. positioned "Shazam!" well between the slew of superhero titles arriving in theaters this year as, it's arriving over a month after Disney's "Captain Marvel" and a few weeks ahead of "Avengers: Endgame,"

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