Top Gun Becomes a Documentary Series

"Top Gun: Maverick" grossed nearly $1.5 billion worldwide

by Jonas Reichel on October 18, 2023

A new mission is on the way: After we were again allowed to step into the cockpit of a fighter jet with Tom Cruise last year, we are now treated to "Top Gun: The Next Generation", a documentary series that gives us a closer look at a number of young people in their training to become pilots.

The series produced by National Geographic gives us an insight into the elite training program of the U.S. Navy, which is also called "TOP GUN". The focus is on the fates of young pilots undergoing this training.

The popularity of the movies probably contributed to the realization of the series, and so the series should also be just as impressive an experience as the movies before it. In an interview with Variety, Tom McDonald, who is in charge of documentaries at National Geographic, already spoke out about the series and promised an

"exhilarating, visually jaw-dropping and fascinating journey into the intensely competitive world of elite flying."

However, the "Top Gun" series will not only center on breathtaking flight shots, but also on interviews with the pilots, who will share their everyday lives.

According to Variety, "Top Gun: The Next Generation" is a working title for the time being, so more information on the project is likely to follow in the coming months.