The Last of Us: Director Holds out the Prospect of a Release Date

So far there are only set photos to see

by Pierre Lorenz on May 25, 2022

With the production of the "The Last of Us" series, HBO has not chosen a simple series adaptation. The two-part video game series by "Uncharted" developer Naughty Dog is still one of the major hits of the past PlayStation generation. Until now, without an official announcement, it was widely assumed that the series would be released in the course of the coming year, and as it recently turned out, that was not a wrong prediction at all. This emerged from an interview of director Kantemir Balagov with, where he provided an approximate time frame. According to him, a release could be possible in early 2023 already, which luckily means less than a year's wait.

The series is largely based on the events of the two Sony-exclusive video games. There you play the two main characters Joel and Ellie, who have to survive as an unlikely team in a world full of infected creatures called Runners. The goal is to find an antidote for the plague caused by fungi, in addition to fighting against the many human enemies that are no less dangerous. So far, the cast for the roles is very promising: "The Mandalorian" star Pedro Pascal plays the smuggler Joel, and the young Ellie is played by "Game of Thrones" actress Bella Ramsey. In additional roles, we will see Merle Dandridge as Fireflies leader Marlene, Nico Parker as Joel's daughter Sarah, Nick Offerman as loner Bill, Anna Torv as fellow smuggler Tess and Storm Reid as Ellie's friend Riley.

We are looking forward to the realization of "The Last of Us" and await further news on the HBO series.

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