Fengshen trilogy: Chinese film series to be based on MCU

by Pierre Lorenz on August 15, 2019

The Chinese film industry has been booming for years, no wonder that even world-famous Hollywood blockbusters are used as role models for in-house productions. Currently, all three films of the upcoming Fengshen Trilogy are being shot, which are heavily based on Lord of the Rings. In an interview with Variety, the director explains that they want to combine Lord of the Rings and Iron Man. But thats not all, as the Fengshen Trilogy will be the beginning of a gigantic franchise and will include an elaborate schedule for the next thirty years. Director Wuershan makes no secret out of the fact that they clearly orientate themselves on the MCU, because he wants to use the Marvel Universe method to get deeper into each character. The movies are also quite expensive, as the budget for Fengshen is set at incredible 445 million US dollars.

In terms of content, Fengshen will also be based on the Chinese literary classic Creation of Gods from the 16th century, in which elements from history, mythology and folklore are mixed. It will be exciting to see whether the producers' plan works out and whether Fengshen marks the beginning of a great era. The release date is supposed to be 2022 and it is said that Disney and Fengshen are already talking about international marketing rights.

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