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It's Just a Phase, Honeybunny

Original title (Language)Es ist nur eine Phase, Hase (de)
Runtime105 minutes


Paul and Emilia were always the dream couple. He, the author of several successful novels about the golf generation, she a dubbing artist for telenovelas, together they have three children: Bo, who wants to know everything, Marie, who knows everything, and Fe, who is always angry. It could be so beautiful. But in their late 40s, the physical impacts come closer. Hair thins, eyesight declines, and so does libido. At some point it dawns on the two: Only the others are still young. When Emilia wants a relationship break after a one-night stand with the younger Ruben and throws herself into life, Paul looks into the abyss. His friends Theo and Jonathan stand by him with questionable advice, and his publisher rejects his new manuscript as "hopeless." In desperation, Paul resorts to antidepressants and testosterone tablets and begins an affair with his daughter's young teacher, which doesn't add much dignity to his existence either. Nothing brings back what he misses: his youth and Emilia. At the 50th birthday of a mutual friend, Paul and Emilia meet again - the situation escalates and a divorce seems inevitable...

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