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A sleepy little town, somewhere in North Rhine-Westphalia. For the policemen DENIZ (Erkan Acar), ROCKY (Adrian Topol), and the married couple NETTI (Sanne Schnapp) and HAGEN (Alexander Hörbe) there is almost nothing to do here. But this satisfying and cherished state of affairs suddenly becomes a problem for the friendly officers when Tina (Sina Tkotsch) surprisingly shows up at their station. Tina has been assigned to initiate the liquidation of station 23. In view of the lack of crime, the colleagues here are apparently considered expendable. But in contrast to their direct superior RAINER (Alexander von Glenck), Deniz, Rocky, Netti and Hagen don't want to resign themselves so easily to the end of their watch. In order to save their jobs, the policemen decide to switch sides without further ado and, willy-nilly, create their own crimes, true to the motto: "If you don't have a job, you'll make one!" In the homeless KLAUS (Bjarne Mädel), the policemen quickly find someone whom they can blame for one or the other. But the initially well-functioning plan does not work out. Tina, who is very careful not to make any mistakes in her work, quickly suspects that the sudden jump in the crime rate might have something to do with the police officers themselves. In order to distract themselves and buy time, Deniz and his colleagues simulate strenuous investigative work in all directions and thus come across a hot lead in a large, supra-regional and as yet unsolved case of art theft...


Original title (Language) Faking Bullshit - Krimineller als die Polizei erlaubt! (de)

Genres Comedy

Runtime 103 minutes

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