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19-year-old Tanja from the Netherlands decides to go to Colombia as an au pair and is immediately confronted with the country's political unrest. Horrified by the injustice she observes, she joins the largest guerrilla army in the world, FARC, and takes up arms to fight. After Tanja becomes a guerrilla, she must flee bombings in the city. After years in the dangerous jungle, Tanja becomes an important member of the organization and is eventually deployed as part of the FARC delegation to peace negotiations. Through her efforts, she is instrumental in reaching a peace agreement that officially ends the longest civil war in Latin America's history and is honored with the Nobel Peace Prize. Although she has been preparing to reunite with her family, Tanja is stopped by an Interpol warrant for the longest-running kidnapping of U.S. citizens. A story of a young girl who transcends her own limitations to change not only her own life, but the lives of those around her, and to achieve peace and justice.


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