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Who Are You, Mama Muh?



It's not always easy to have Mama Moo as a friend, because she finds only chewing grass and standing in the pasture extremely boring. So the headstrong cow lady keeps thinking of things that cows don't actually do. And they are pretty crazy - but fun! When Mama Moo wants to perform her own musical, her best friend, the crow, tries to stop her, because cows don't do that kind of thing on principle. But there is no stopping her. And when little Lillebror's beloved teddy bear finally disappears, not entirely without Mama Moo's help, the crow soon joins her on an adventurous search for Teddy, disguised as a chicken. The friendship between Mama Moo and Crow is put to the test. In the end, even Santa Claus himself has to that everything will be all right again.


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