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A 15-year-old girl in a red sari sits on a shabby bed. She pauses, searching for words, hesitantly interrupting the interview: "Is there no other way for us women than that of suffering? Is there any way at all? Who can answer these questions for me?" This scene from Glawogger's film Whore's Glory has a long-lasting effect on documentary student Michael Kranz. How to deal with all the images and stories that pour in on us every day? - Switch off? Dulled? Act? But how? After the theoretical discussion does not answer these questions for him, Kranz decides to follow his first impulse - even if it is naive: With the film clip as his only lead, he flies to Bangladesh and sets out to find the girl who asked the questions. The viewer accompanies him step by step on this journey, which leads deeper and deeper into the world of Bangladeshi forced prostitution. A world in which women and girls are treated as property and abused as a matter of course. In which perpetrators do not have much to fear because every problem can be solved with money. In which even the freed girls are locked away again because no one knows where to put them.


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