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Wer gräbt den Bestatter ein?



A dubious local competition is secretly going on between the two communities of Greisendorf and Neubrunn among the morticians: the silent movie starlet Gaby Gruber, with her record-breaking 114 years, lives right between the two places - and is not even thinking about dying yet! Everyone wants to make the race for the hopefully soon upcoming funeral to turn their own village into a tourist pilgrimage site. However, the Grim Reaper suddenly meets the mortician Bartl (Uli Bauer) himself. Now completely different questions arise: how can his death be concealed until a new mortician is found and do his Schafkopf buddies, the gardener Gert (Tom Kreß), the garbage driver Rudi (Angelika Sedlmeier) and the plumber Pat (David Zimmerschied), actually manage to get Bartl secretly and worthily into the ground?

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