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24-year-old music enthusiast Noah (Emilio Sakraya) is a new father, but hasn't quite settled into his new role yet. When his girlfriend Marie (Milena Tscharntke) has to go away for a night, he finally has the chance to prove it to her and himself: A night alone with the baby is absolutely no problem. However, Noah has done the math without his friend and complete mess Baumi (Helgi Schmid): He tells him that on this night of all nights their dearly beloved club will open its doors for the last time before it is torn down - you just can't miss that! Going to a concert with the baby - impossible, right? But Baumi softens up the young daddy. When Noah finally reluctantly agrees, he has no idea that he's in for the craziest night of his life, with one disaster following the next - and all with baby Ben on board and his suspicious sister-in-law Sarah (Carol Schuler) hot on his heels ...

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