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Runtime96 minutes


It was supposed to be Rob Becker's (Moritz Bleibtreu) big day. Even as a child, the unsuccessful car salesman wanted to become a comedian and now he finally has the chance to prove himself at the local comedy club's open mic evening. He already has the perfect topic for his program: Rob recently met the Caveman - his imaginary friend from the Stone Age. Since then, Rob has often enjoyed exchanging ideas with this age-wise caveman and believes that, thanks to his alter ego, he can finally better understand the difference between men and women, hunters and gatherers. But there's a problem - and it's Claudia Müller (Laura Tonke) and she's married to Rob. After Claudia leaves him in a quarrel and only 15 minutes before his big performance, Rob drags himself on stage and spontaneously changes his program. He explains to the audience the incompatibility of women and idiots. The modern man, Rob thinks, has failed in the modern world. He takes the audience on a wild and funny ride through his relationship - from the first meeting with Claudia to the breakup. In the end, it's up to the audience to decide: Is Rob really the complete idiot in this relationship or maybe not?


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