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Original title (Language)Ausgrissn! – In der Lederhosn nach Las Vegas (de)
Runtime96 minutes


The brothers Julian and Thomas Wittmann want to get out of the daily routine in their Bavarian village - and set off. To seek great freedom, adventure and happiness in faraway places. 12,000 km on two old mopeds that take them from Bavaria to the North Sea, across the pond to New York and on through the land of opportunity. In lederhosen to Las Vegas! And with every kilometer, every adventure and every challenge, they get a little closer to themselves and their search for freedom. On two iconic mopeds from Bavaria to Las Vegas - Julian and Thomas Wittmann are simply doing what everyone dreams of at some point. Pre-drawn paths in life and the narrowness of their Bavarian village - these are the things the likeable brothers want to leave behind. Their urge for freedom leads them on a unique journey. Unbiased and likeable, the two embark on a great adventure: first they chug across Europe at 40 km/h on their old Zündapps, then they cross the pond on a container ship in Antwerp and finally land in Times Square in the middle of New York. In Washington, they stand lost in front of the White House. In Nashville, they play music in their traditional costumes. On seemingly endless roads they cross the Nevada desert and the mighty Monument Valley and finally reach glittering Las Vegas. On their road trip they meet a wide variety of people: Dropouts, Hells Angels, gun nuts. Only many thousand kilometers away from home do they realize what their Bavarian homeland means to them.

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