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A Bee's Diary

Original title (Language)Tagebuch einer Biene (de)
Runtime88 minutes


We consider the life of an insect to be short and insignificant. What can you experience in a 6-week insect life? And aren't bee colonies the epitome of the 'collective' - thousands of dumb worker bees in the service of a queen? However, bee colonies are not as homogeneous as we think, but full of different individuals with very different tasks, abilities and even preferences. Even among bees there are brave, cowardly and - yes - lazy specimens. And every single bee faces the challenges of its life - finding flowers, fighting hornets and finding the right place to build a nest. In the process, they show extraordinary intelligence and social skills: Bees help each other in case of danger and prefer to fly out into the world in the same teams. But woe betide them if they get caught in the rain - a single raindrop could be fatal...

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