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Krass Klassenfahrt

Runtime94 minutes


Croatia is calling! The 12th grade of a Berlin high school is going on a graduation trip. Together with stress-attacked teacher Frau Gruber (Dela Dabulamanzi) and over-committed teacher Georg (Jamie Birrell), the trip doesn't start as planned: In the so-called Eco-Hostel - no electricity after 6 p.m., gender-neutral toilets and only one (!) power outlet per room - the dream of an Insta-worthy beach vacation with endless parties seems to burst before it has even begun. Yet McLarry (Jonas Ems) in particular had high hopes of distraction: he's the only one who didn't pass his A-levels and who can't actually afford the class trip. He's also not yet over his breakup with Bella (Kayla Shyx). But then the ray of hope - his favorite rapper and idol Zeno (Zejhun Demirov) is also in Croatia! The perfect opportunity for McLarry to present him his own songs. Together with his best buddy Cornelius (Sydney Amoo) and the two Best Friends Bella and Alena (Vivien König), they break away from the class excursion and head to Zeno's villa. With the hopelessly overtaxed chaperone Georg in tow, they embark on the gnarliest adventure of their lives...

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